Damn Fine Sentence: “He was watching himself watch me and between him and his own regard of himself, I was invisible.” From A Plague of Doves, by Louise Erdrich.

An A-List couple floats across the Red Carpet to claim their plush seats in the front row. He is elegant, she resplendent.

An A-List comedian strides onstage to earn his evening’s salary. Mr. Comedian hurls a cheap shot at Mrs. A.

Mr. A-List laughs, glances over at Mrs. A. Perhaps he sees the shadow cross her face.

Maybe he will reach for her hand. He might whisper I love you. He might kiss the air between himself and his sweetheart. Theirs is a fabled love affair; perhaps an intimate gesture will pass between them.

Instead, Mr. A-List pursues a love affair with his rage.

Mrs. A-List remains in her plush front-row seat. Elegant. Resplendent. Abandoned.



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Dawn Downey

Dawn Downey

Dawn Downey writes about love and pain. Her latest book is Blindsided: Essays from the Only Black Woman in the Room. DawnDowneyBlog.com.