I was the only black woman in the room, because I had put myself there. It was time to find other rooms. I quit an all-white writing group and joined one that included black faces other than mine. I left an all-white spiritual group and found one with Jamaicans, African Americans, (east) Indians, and Central Americans. A friend invited me to speak to his organization, but I declined, because the audience was all-white. If the Zoom workshop I’m registered for shows no faces of color, I leave. I replaced my all-white book club with a more colorful one. My online co-working group includes two black women, an Asian woman, and two white women. I called it divestment. Tressie McMillan Cottom called it breaking up with white people. https://tressiemcphd.medium.com/breaking-up-with-white-supremacy-was-always-the-end-game-e7101f578363